Why It’s Vital to Remember Regular Pumping

We understand nobody wants to dwell on the septic tank. You probably rarely give it much thought as long as it’s working. But what if it isn’t working? You’ll notice it quickly, and it can be a serious problem. Here are reasons to have pumping done on a schedule:

  • Code violations: A backed-up septic tank can cause your business to be shut down due to health code violations. This is the last thing you want! You don’t want to be dealing with clean up because of septic issues while also trying to get your facility or establishment open again.
  • Property damage: A septic tank that’s overfull can start to leak, leading to damage to areas outside the property. It can also cause damage to the drainfield, the part of the septic tank that releases the gray water from the tank after the sludge and scum are left behind.
  • Terrible odors: One warning sign that you’re overdue for septic tank pumping is when sewage odors begin to waft from drains. This is sewage gas being forced back through the drainpipes. Don’t hesitate to call for pumping when this happens.
  • Permanent damage to the tank: A tank that starts to leak because it hasn’t been pumped may not be salvageable. Replacing a septic tank is a costly job you don’t want to be trapped with. Pumping the tank regularly helps increase its service life.

How Often Should I Schedule Pumping?

This is The Big Question business owners and operators want to know. If they don’t want to wait for the warning signs, they’ll have a schedule for when the tank is pumped. But how frequent should the schedule be?

It depends on many factors, such as what type of business you run and how much waste and what kind of waste goes into the tank. The tank size also needs to be considered. We cannot give a single answer. For example, home septic tanks may only need pumping every 3 to 5 years, while large businesses may need pumping more than once a year.

Our team of professionals has a long history of working with septic tank systems. We can come to your business and look at the plumbing and give you a pumping schedule that will keep away problems. We have the top-of-the-line equipment to do the job, and we’ll safely transport the waste away and handle the disposal. It’s our goal to do the work right so you won’t have to worry.