There are a lot of things you need to consider when installing a new commercial heating system in your building. Things like fuel type, distribution method and, of course, cost are all big attention-grabbers. One thing you should pay special attention to, though, is the size of the unit. We don’t mean the physical size, although that is important too. What we mean is the amount of air that the system can distribute in the course of one cycle. If the system is properly sized for your building, then you have nothing to worry about. If it is improperly sized, well…. Read on to find out.

If The System is Oversized

An oversized heating system is one that can put out much more heat than the building in which it is installed technically needs. This often leads to the thermostat shutting down the heater before it can complete a full heating cycle when it’s in use. This may seem like a pretty minor thing. It isn’t.

Heating systems are designed to operate in these specific heating cycles. If they are not allowed to complete a full cycle, they start to wear out faster than they should. This increases repair costs for the system, and also wastes money by not utilizing the heater to its full potential. If you insist on using a heater that is too large for your building, you will probably end up having to spend a lot of money keeping it running, and will end up replacing it sooner than you thought due to its operating problems.

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If the System is Undersized

Heating systems that are too small for the buildings in which they are installed suffer the opposite problem from oversized systems, but with much the same result. An undersized system will not be able to generate enough heat to satisfy the building’s thermostat. In an effort to compensate, the system will begin to operate on a longer and longer time frame. This likely still will not keep the commercial building adequately heated, and will still waste a lot of energy and accelerate the rate at which the heater wears out. Eventually, you will have to repair the system more often and replace it years earlier, just as if you had a system that was too large.

Selecting the Proper Size

Properly sizing a system involves a number of calculations, even for a residential building. For commercial buildings, we recommend that you not attempt to size a system yourself. Instead, you should call a professional contractor you trust and have them take care of it for you. Professional technicians are trained in properly selecting systems for installation, so you can rest assured that your heating system will serve you properly when you have a professional contractor install it.

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