If you’re planning on updating your bathroom, or are currently undergoing a bathroom renovation, remember that achieving a great space isn’t just about choosing great tiles, cabinets and fixtures. Real renovation success depends on getting the hidden technical details right behind the scenes.

Take the exhaust fan, for example. Even high-end bathroom renovations often end up with a weak, loud exhaust fan installed to save a few dollars. But the resulting inadequate air flow means your great new bathroom will be much more likely to grow ceiling mould and mildew. Insist on a bathroom fan that moves at least 120 cubic feet of air per minute, with a sound output of less than 1.0 sones (a measurement of sound intensity).

Never settle for old school methods such as setting tiles directly on drywall or pick a new toilet without checking its performance. Canada is a world leader in toilet performance testing, and virtually every toilet on the market has been assessed.Have a tiled shower planned? Make sure the ceiling, walls and base are completely waterproof before the tiles go on. Fabric membranes, drain pans, waterproofing grommets and gaskets are all available to make tiled showers longer lasting and more reliable than they used to be.

The most important thing is choosing a contractor who runs their business the right way and has a proven track record of success with many satisfied customers.