In this ongoing DIY age, almost every house-owner or renter has some essential tools within reach to tackle minor plumbing issues. A slow drain or a clogged toilet often requires a plunger or an elbow grease to start functioning smoothly again. Even routine tasks like replacing a worn out drain cover or washer are quite simple and easy enough to call a professional plumber.

According to qualified 24 hour plumbers in london, staying up to date with regular maintenance schedules is a smart approach to cut down the costly plumbing repairs.Thorough inspections carried out at routine intervals are the key to identify small issues before they become severe.

Routine DIY tasks for plumbing maintenance

  • You have to set aside a little time to carry out the routine inspections. Go through your home carefully and inspect the exposed plumbing network for any sign of leaks or moisture. These leaks are common at places like underneath a sink, the exposed pipes and behind the toilet tank. Check out if there’s any sign of corrosion on the copper or brass fittings. Damp metals are more prone to corrosion and corroding metals give way to leaks easily.
  • To check out the water pressure, turn the water faucets in showers, tubs and sinks. A little variation in pressure is normal between the various water outlets but all of them should have a steady water flow.
  • After testing the faucets, it is time to check out how fast water drains away. According to experienced emergency plumbing repair experts associated with Vanmach Plumbing and Heating, slow drain usually indicates a clog.
  • While you are inspecting, be sure to flush the toilets to see whether they leak at the base. If they do then you’ve the issue of faulty wax seal.

Professional plumbing inspection

Professional plumbers, on the other hand, provide a more in-depth inspection of your drains, pipes and plumbing fittings. They also cover the water heater and garbage disposal. To cover every part of a plumbing network, trained plumbers use remote cameras and video cameras to detect leaks and faults.

Sediment buildup inside the pipes is known to slow down the water flow. Licensed plumbers quote hefty prices for their services but at the same time they provide a higher value for your hard-earned money. Licensed 24 hour plumbers in Vancouver possess the necessary equipment to perform pressure test to detect hairline leaks.

DIY plumbing may be the present trend but there are certain cases which must be resolved by a trained professional. These areas include:


  • Installation of new pipes, tubs or sinks.
  • Issues with the water heater.
  • Leaks in the septic tank or the sewer line.

Remember these words of caution and your DIY will never fail.