Commercial plumbing systems differ greatly from those found in residential homes. While both residential and commercial plumbing systems are often susceptible to similar issues, the way in which you prevent or address these problems may be different. Understanding the top commercial plumbing concerns your property faces can help you take steps to reduce the impact of these issues on your plumbing to save money, time, and even protect your reputation by ensuring your plumbing is never out of service. When you do need help with your commercial plumbing in Burnaby, Vancouver, don’t hesitate to call your professional plumber for prompt assistance, rather than trying to resolve the issue on your own. Check our homepage to learn more about our services or learn more about us and what we stand for.


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An Aging Plumbing System

The age and maintenance history of your commercial plumbing system are two of the most important factors in its overall performance and its risk for developing problems. Because many commercial properties are established in existing and leased spaces, you may not know how long your plumbing system has been installed or its current condition. Rather than waiting until your plumbing has developed several costly leaks or you have experienced a downturn in the quality of your water due to ageing pipes or appliances, talk to your commercial plumber about performing a comprehensive evaluation of your plumbing system to determine its condition, its risk factors, and the best plan for long-term maintenance.

Clogs and Backups

Just like residential homes, commercial spaces can be prone to clog and backed-up pipes and drains. However, clogs and backups can be a bigger concern in a commercial space due to both the increased usage volume and the potential for property damage and hazardous conditions for employees or clients if a major clog occurs. One of the simplest ways to prevent clogs and backups is to educate employees regarding proper waste management. Clogs are often caused when debris or chemicals are flushed down drains that the pipes are unable to handle. Placing trash cans in easily accessible locations can also reduce the misuse of drains to improve their performance and lower the risk of clogs. If your plumbing system is older or you have had several issues with clogs in the past, talking to your commercial plumber about hydro-jetting could help you restore the like-new condition of your pipes by removing years of buildup left by minerals, grease, fat, and other materials.

Leaky Fixtures

Commercial plumbing fixtures may be used by tens, hundreds, or even thousands of people each day. This frequent use can quickly result in problems such as leaks that waste water, reduce performance, and give your clients the wrong impression of your property. It’s important to keep in mind that even minor leaks will not go away on their own—as soon as you notice a leak, contact your plumber for prompt repairs. Making it easy for employees to report problematic fixtures is a great way to reduce your response time and handle these issues quickly while discussing the best type of fixtures for your needs with your commercial plumber can ensure that you choose high-quality fixtures that will hold up under heavy use.

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