Is there a requirement of a water heater in every home? Yes, of course. Why? Since the temperature in Canada is extremely cold, most of the time, the use of water heaters is quite necessary. Due to this reason, people commonly prefer to take a bath using water heaters to feel relaxed and feel better after a hectic day.

If you are planning to buy a new water heater, the following are the most common types of water heaters

1. Storage Tank Water Heaters

They are conventional heaters that consist of a tank, which stores the water to be heated. Therefore, it is also called as the ‘hot water storage tank.’ They are generally provided with insulation to increase the rate of the heating process, decrease energy consumption, and also, maintain the much-needed temperature of the water inside the tank. It can be easily installed at your home by emergency plumbers.

2. Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters provide water heating without the need for storing the water into the tank. On average, a tankless water heater uses 30% less energy, compared to a storage-tank water heater. A tankless water heater makes use of either an electric element or a gas burner for the water heating process. In case if there is any technical fault related to these water tankers, you can get it checked from emergency plumbers.

3. Heat Pump Water Heaters

In the case of heat pump water heaters, the heat is absorbed from either air or from the ground to heat water. Hence, a heat pump water tanker is 2 to 3 times more energy-efficient than an ordinary water tanker. Heat pump water heater consumes 63% less energy than a typical water heater. Therefore, it is one of the most commonly used water heaters around the city.

4. Solar Powered Water Heaters

As the name suggests, solar power water heaters make use of solar power for its operation. Typically, a solar heater converts the sunlight into heat power for the purpose of heating water by making use of a solar thermal collector. It is thus generally placed on the terrace or at any place where the sunlight is readily available. It is one of the most advanced types of water heaters and can help you save a large amount of electricity on a yearly basis.

From the information given above, you can simply figure out that there are various types of water heaters available in the market and you select any of these heaters as per your convenience. In case of the installation of a water heater, you can directly approach any emergency plumbers in your city or simply get in touch with us.